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Take your outdoor event or party to the next level with our Inflatable Rock Wall! Standing at an impressive 20 feet tall, this rock wall is guaranteed to bring excitement and fun to any gathering. Suitable for all age groups, it's the perfect addition to keep guests entertained and engaged. Book your Inflatable Rock Wall today and elevate your party to new heights! Don't miss out on the chance to make your event unforgettable with this incredible inflatable attraction. 4 people can climb at once! It comes with automatic belays to help climbers smoothly return back down as well as actual climb holds for a real climbing experience.


Great for school events, Bar or Bat Mitzvah events, Fairs, Fundraisers, Home Parties, Corporate events, carnivals and company picnics.


Call Us at 323-616-0665 to place your order.

20 Foot Rock Wall

SKU: 3013
  • 20 feet Wide x 20 feet Long x 20 feet High

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